Saturday, 23 January 2010

let the beat rock.

Uv Been Robbed (Joking But Not) from Entrepreneurs on Vimeo.

"Skeptics argue that the paranoia behind a conspiracy theorist's obsession with mind control, population control, occultism, surveillance abuse, Big Business, Big Government, and globalization arises from a combination of two factors, when he or she: 1) holds strong individualist values and 2) lacks power.

"The first attribute refers to people who care deeply about an individual's right to make their own choices and direct their own lives without interference or obligations to a larger system (like the government). But combine this with a sense of powerlessness in one's own life, and one gets what some psychologists call "agency panic", intense anxiety about an apparent loss of autonomy to outside forces or regulators. When fervent individualists feel that they cannot exercise their independence, they experience a crisis and assume that larger forces are to blame for usurping this freedom."

I was about to hand A. back his wikiprintout but he was slumped over the Studiomaster. Or at least that was how the scene presented itself. My faculties now seem severed from reality, his voice resembles a dark alien growl, a scrambled Scooby Doo from Mars, or maybe Jupiter. How long either of us had been holed up in this darkened studio I couldn't say.
I had been trying to leave for the last twenty nine minutes but can't seem to find the door. I grab the headphones and make myself comfortable amongst the Cheetos packets and piles of rental videos that remain unreturned. A fine for Robocop 2 is the least of our worries, as my ears are forcibly tuned into the arrival in my ears of a glittering pop princess, warts and all.'

AMAZING: Marina & The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road (Entrepreneurs Space-Hopper Remix)