Tuesday, 4 May 2010

mess detective.

oh hey i got interviewed for Hype Machine Radio.

you can stream it here; i start rambling about 27 minutes in -

#18 Hype Machine Radio (May 2010) by hypem

or go to HypeM on Soundcloud for a listen. ignore my lame voice. and inability to use any hyperbole other than 'incredible' and 'awesome'. fanks.

check out my boy Primary 1.


(photo by Liana)

the press release says: "if Depeche Mode and Lady Gaga had a musical lovechild in 2030, J786 would be the product of that union". i'm not even sure humans will be involved in the music making process by that point in time so i'll say this is a more like Black Eyed Peas' brand of dancefloor friendly synth pop. unbearably catchy? jesus yes. deep and meaningful? not really. will it make you wish Tuesday was the new Friday? yes.