Tuesday, 15 June 2010

whiskey dreaming.

Liam Bailey is a soul singer/songwriter from Nottingham, but he sounds like he's come from (and is eternally trapped in) the Land Of Heartache.
he is owner of one of the most passionate, genuine and breathtaking voices i've heard all year. i'm not sure i can do any justice to how much of an incredible talent he is, but pouring his all into his music has well and truly paid off. the above video pretty much leaves me speechless. this is true soul music that packs a punch and tugs on those heartstrings. i'd make a quip about how Finley Quaye shouldn't bother coming back but that'd be pretty cheap..

Liam Bailey - I Belong

you can see more videos and take a virtual trip round Liam's hometown on his yewtube channel. loooooooooove.